Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Americord Registry Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Americord Registry Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Banking

Americord is a cord blood and cord tissue processing and storage facility that goes beyond the typical cord blood storage offered by other companies. This company was founded in 2008 and has its central headquarters in New York City.

Americord Registry reviews consistently show satisfied customers who have experienced good results from banking cord blood with this company. The Cord Advantage reviews have also showed happy customers once the process is completed and the blood is banked.

As with other similar companies, Americord works to collect, process and store cord blood that is taken from newborn babies immediately after birth. This blood is stored for the family at Americord’s facility, where it may be used in the future for many medical and therapeutic uses, when needed. Along with cord blood processing and storage, Americord also offers a process through which stem cells are taken from the placenta after the baby is born. The sheer amount of cells taken from the placenta increases the number of conditions and diseases that cord blood can help treat to approximately 80.

While many cord blood banks are public, Americord is private and the blood stored is for the use of the client’s family, only. This includes adults and other children born to the same set of parents. Blood taken from the placenta through Americord may be more effective at treating adults than blood taken from the umbilical cord only.

Americord Pricing

The cost of the collection of cord blood and storage through Americord is approximately $1,999 for collection and a 20 year storage term. The fee to collect both cord blood and cord tissue rises to $3,998. Both of these costs can also be paid in installments over the course of a year.  Unlike most other Cord Blood Banks, there is no annual storage fee that must be paid as 20 years of storage is built into the initial costs.

Americord is currently registered in good standing with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the lab has earned accreditation through the AABB. The company is also licensed through the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Division of Public Health and Environmental Laboratories and the New York Department of Health.

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    Thanks for the review! Our services have changed a bit since this post was written. Please check for the latest. Thanks! Martin Smithmyer, CEO Americord Registry.

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