Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

CorCell Cord Blood Banking Reviews

CorCell® International Umbilical Cord Blood Bank

CorCell Cord Blood Banking laboratories and offices are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, conveniently situated near McCarran International Airport. Their credentials include FDA registration and CLIA certification, as well as holding licenses in the states of New York, New Jersey, California and Maryland.

CorCell utilizes a closed bag system for collection of cord blood. They consider their collection process, which includes a simple wipe, insertion of the needle and collection into the sanitary bag, to eliminate much of the risk of bacterial contamination. Upon arrival at the laboratory, testing is performed for infectious diseases and contamination. A compete report is shared with the parents, upon completion. The method of testing used at Corcell is designed to enable the stem cells to be used for straightforward transplants, as well as for future potential therapies which call for multiple ingredients, in addition to stem cells. CorCell considers this a unique advantage offered to their customers.

The cost for CorCell Cord Blood Banking is $2075 if paid in a single one-time payment. Several financing plans are available ranging from 6 months to a full 5 years with an interest rate of 14.9% being applied to the long term payment plans. Applicants must meet credit approval conditions. For those seeking an optimally affordable option, CorCell recently began offering a plan requiring $645 at registration for enrollment, courier and core blood processing, then a payment of $19 per month for the full length of the contract. CorCell fees include pickup of the cord blood specimen, courier transport by AirNet directly to the CorCell labs, and testing of cord blood for infectious agents.

CorCell uses AirNet services for transporting specimens to their lab. AirNet specializes in biological transports and adheres to AABB guidelines for temperatures during both ground and air transportation. The first year’s storage fee of $125 is included in the initial cost, with an annual storage fee of $125 being invoiced during the month of your child’s birth, each year thereafter.

Corcell Reviews by patients reveal satisfied and happy customers. Personal testimonials are available on their website.

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