Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Solutions Reviews

Umbilical Cord Blood Collection & Storage with Cord Blood Solutions

Cord Blood Solutions is a physician owned, and physician operated, cord blood bank founded by Dr. Alan Einstein in 2004. Their offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia and they are AABB accredited along with being FDA registered. Dr. Einstein’s interest in stem cell potentials arose when his own father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Currently, he oversees the operations of Cord Blood Solutions and makes himself available to parents who wish to consult with him about the collection and storage of their future children’s cord blood cells. Cord Blood Solutions Reviews from past customers are positive.

The Cord Blood Solutions Process

Enrollment can be done online or by mail, according to the patient’s wishes. Once the enrollment form has been received, Cord Blood Solutions Reviews each patient’s information and medical records. A collection kit is then sent out. Each expectant parent should make sure their doctor is aware that CBS is their chosen cord blood bank. Your Doctor, at the time of delivery, will collect the blood using a needle provided in the kit. CBS uses the cryo-bag method for collection and storage of the baby’s cord blood, including an anti-coagulant to assure the blood does not clot before reaching the laboratory.

Transportation is arranged, either in advance or at the time of delivery by Cord Blood Solutions. Upon arrival at the lab, the blood is processed, tested and prepared for storage. Eleven tests are performed on the blood for infectious diseases and to assure no bacterial contamination has occurred. Parents will receive a copy of any abnormal findings from the testing process. Within about 10 weeks, parents are sent a notice confirming the viability of the blood sample sent.

Cord Blood Solutions Pricing

Total cost, including collection, transport, testing and first year storage fees is $1895. An annual storage fee of $125 is due again at the same time each year. Monthly payment plans are available for those wishing to extend their payments over time. Discounts are not noted.

Currently, Cord Blood Solutions has collected over one million samples of blood and 273 of their samples have been used for transplants.

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