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Price is often the number one concern that many people have about Cord Blood Banking. What many people do not know is that it’s possible to work out a payment arrangement to make it possible for anyone to utilize the services of CordBlood banking. The costs for the service include the initial banking fee that you must pay for the bank to store the blood and then a much lower yearly fee for as long as it is stored.

In reviewing, CBR cord blood registry® we noted that the fee to save cord blood worked out to $61/month over the term for a total cost of $2,195, while saving cord blood and tissue averaged to be $2,915 for the first year. For the rest of the term, the storage fee is a low $125/year for the cord blood or $250/year for both the blood and the tissue.

It is also important to note that there are often discounts available online or through your OBGYN.  These discounts can often amount to large savings up to $500 off.  Thos having twins, triplets, or banking multiple children’s cord blood will also receive discounts.

Another option that was noted in reviews was the option to pay for 18 years of the service in advance to save $400 for each of the services. It also eliminates the need to worry about making a yearly payment each year to the bank.

Cord blood banking is something that you should look into while still pregnant if you have any intentions of saving it. The stem cells in the cord blood are currently being used to treat many life-threatening illnesses and have the potential to help your child in the future. These cells have previously been used to treat blood disorders, immune diseases and even help with some types of cancer such as leukemia.

Most times when considering the idea of cordblood banking, you’re going to do so with the intention of family banking which provides access to the cells in the future for a member of your family if the need arises. It is available worldwide and many hospitals participate in programs.

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