Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank Reviews

CORD:USE Public & Private Cord Blood Bank

Cord:Use Cord Blood Bank is located in Orlando, Florida. It operates both a private family cord blood bank, and a public cord blood bank. It was founded and is currently managed by obstetricians. Cord:Use Cord Blood Bank is FDA registered. Their public bank is accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT).

Private cord blood banks are dedicated to the exclusive use of the baby’s umbilical cord blood being used specifically for the individual from which it was derived, or for use by the individual’s family. Public cord blood banks utilize the National Marrow Donor Program Registry to make use of donated cord blood for any individual in need of transplant. Currently, over 70 diseases which are considered life-threatening are able to utilize cord blood as a component of treatment. Cord:Use Cord Blood Banking Reviews by customers are good.

Cord:Use Cord Blood Collection Process

Upon enrollment in their program, a cord blood collection kit is sent directly to the client. Patients should notify their doctor of their selection of Cord:Use Cord Blood Bank and share any information requested. The collection kit should be brought with the client at the time of delivery. The doctor will collect the cord blood, along with a small sample of maternal blood. A transport coordinator is available to clients around the clock to arrange for safe, secure transport to the Orlando laboratory. Upon arrival, the blood is tested and processed for storage. A report is shared with the parent(s).

Cord:Use Pricing

Cord:Use charges $2145 including the processing fee, courier transport and first year storage fees. An Annual storage fee of $125 is due and payable each year at the same time. Payment plans are available to those seeking to pay over time. Discounts are available for military personnel, for repeat customers, and for multiple births. Referral fees are also available to existing clients.

The use of a robotic retrieval system is utilized to minimize the exposure of other individual’s blood cord samples, which may contribute to reduced viability. Cord:Use Cord Blood Bank also offers a Gift Registry option.

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