Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cryo-Cell International Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Services

Cryo-Cell began offering tissue cryo-preservation services in 1992. Their facility is fully monitored and secure. Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank is a publicly traded company and as such is governed by the SEC and trades under the stock symbol of CCEL. Prospective clients are encouraged to schedule a tour of the facilities.

Cryo-Cell’s Facility & Process

Temperature, humidity and pressure are all controlled in their ISO Class 7 Clean Room which lies at the center of the facility. Cord blood is collected and stored in sterile bags and then transport is arranged for most customers by a special transport coordinator. Upon reaching the lab, Cryocell reviews and tests the blood for infectious diseases and contamination before storing it securely.

Cryo-Cell reviews each registered client’s paperwork thoroughly before delivery, assuring all necessary information and medical records are in place. All testing is done at their laboratory, processing of cord blood is done in the lab on site and cryo-preservation storage is at their immediate facility. Nothing is sent, nor stored, off-site. Thus far, every sample of Cryo-Cell processed and preserved cord blood that has been released, has been a viable sample, when thawed. A complete list of successful transplants dating from the year 1992 through May 2011 is available for review at their website.

Cryo-Cell Pricing

Fees for services are $1949 which includes processing, testing, shipping and the first annual storage fee. Storage fees of $125 are due again at the same time each year. In some cases, such as weekends or holidays, transportation may need to be arranged by the parents. If this is the case, the special transport coordinator will assist with recommendations and guidance to assure efficient and quick pickup and delivery in only the safest manner. They provide 24-hour customer service assistance each day of the week. There may be some limitations on services for residents of New York state.

Having expertly processed over 240,000 cord blood samples from newborns, Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Banking reviews remain consistently positive.

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    I am a CryoCell Internationalcord blood educator located in Connecticut. Please visit my Facebook page" Connecticut Cord Blood". Connecticut is a mandated state for cord blood education. I speak to pregnancy groups , surrogacy agencies, law firms and the public. I am hosting an expectant parents breakfast in Greenwich on March 10th at 10 am , please feel free to email for more information at

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