Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

FamilyCord Reviews – Umbilical Cord Blood & Tissue Banking Reviews – A California Cryobank Company: Umbilical Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Banking  

Family Cord Blood Banking allows parents to collect and store umbilical cord blood and tissue. Studies show that cells from the umbilical cord blood may be used as treatment for diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Various Family Cord reviews cite reasons for using the service, including the fact that it is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and accredited by AABB. This company has been involved in cord blood banking for more than 15 years.

FamilyCord Process

The first step for new clients is to enroll in the program, which can be done by phone or at A $150 deposit is required to cover the cost of the Family Cord Collection Kit. The kit is meant to be taken to the hospital with expecting parents when the mother goes into labor. The kit includes everything the physician will need to collect and store the umbilical cord and blood, but it also offers additional safety measures. It stabilizes intense temperatures for up to ten hours. After collection, the kit is delivered to the storage facility via medical courier. There, the cord will be tested, processed, and stored.

FamilyCord Pricing & Discounts

In addition to the enrollment fee, the cost of the medical courier is $150. The processing fee for the umbilical cord and blood is $1,670. Additional testing, prior to use, may be purchased for $250. With just one year of storage costing $125, the minimum amount for this service would be $2,095. A five year storage plan costs $575 and a ten year storage plan costs $1,000. Discounts are offered for some clients. Students get $400 off services while those with military, police, fire department, health care provider or EMT identification will receive a discount of $500. In the case of twins, there is a $500 discount. Triplets receive $600 off the total cost of the services, as do repeat clients.

Family Cord offers clients the ability to enroll in a program to store blood and tissue, as they can provide different types of stem cells. Customer service is available for clients with questions or concerns.

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