Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

LifebankUSA® Reviews – Cord Blood and Placental Banking

An Overview of LifebankUSA Cord Blood Banking Services

LifebankUSA® is a facility that stores tissue and blood from the umbilical cord and placenta of a newborn infant.  LifebankUSA cord blood banking allows for the potential of stem cells to be used to replace any cells in the body that are destroyed or modified as a result of diseases like leukemia and lymphoma.  The child that the stem cells are taken from will have an exact match but even other family members may be able to use the stem cells.

Those who do not bank cord blood may spend months waiting for compatible stem cells from public banks.  While some parents choose to bank cord blood, it is also possible to bank blood from the placenta and cord tissue.

LifebankUSA’s services include collection and storage of umbilical cord blood and tissue in addition to placenta blood.  After enrolling in the program on, the company will mail a collection container to the customer.  After the delivery of the newborn, a physician cuts the umbilical cord and places the blood, cord, and/or placenta into the bag.  The collection bags use a special anticoagulant to keep the cord blood fresh when it arrives at the laboratory in New Jersey almost 14 hours after delivery.  The next step is processing, in which the plasma, red blood cells, and stem cells are separated and tested. Then the cells are stored until use.

LifebankUSA Pricing Options

LifebankUSA offers various pricing and payment plans.  Their Cord Blood only plan has a total first year cost of $2,175.00.  This fee includes the first year of storage, collection costs, and processing fees.  There are also three other options depending on what you would like to have banked.  If you are interested in Cord Blood, Cord Tissue, and Placenta Banking, your first year costs will run about $3,675.00.  Yearly storage fees can run from $125.00 – $225.00 per year depending on the number of banking services you purchase.

Monthly payment options are offered to help make the initial cost of cord blood banking more affordable.  You can discuss this with a representative at LifebankUSA.  After reading LifebankUSA reviews, many soon-to-be parents choose to pursue cord blood banking.

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