Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

New England Cord Blood Bank® Reviews

NECBB Provides International Private Cord Blood Banking

With the birth of a child, it is great to know your child is well protected. Banking the umbilical cord blood of your newborn child can prove to be a life-saving move.  New England Cord Blood Bank® reviews will highlight important information about the company to help assist you in making your cord blood banking decision.

The New England Cord Blood Bank was established in 1995. However, unlike many other blood banks, it was a cryogenic laboratory before storing umbilical blood. The laboratory was opened in 1983. It is a family owned business that includes three generations. Their mission statement focuses on the preservation of life for each individual and each family unit.

NECBB Pricing Plans

NECBB offers two different Cord Blood and Collection options. The standard blood banking of umbilical cord blood and the blood banking with a segment of cord are the two options that are offered. The standard blood banking costs $1975.00 for initial collection and storage for the first year and a $125.00 storage fee for subsequent years. The breakdown of that cost is $250.00 as an initial fee, $125.00 as an annual storage fee, and $1600.00 as a fee when the blood arrives at the bank.

The blood and cord segment option is $2045.00 for the first year and $195.00 for subsequent years. The breakdown in cost is the same with the only difference being the annual storage fee. These prices are only for single births. Multiple births are requested to contact the New England Cord Blood Bank for a price quote. The products and services offered remain the same for either single or multiple births. T

NECBB offers an option to prepay for twenty years. The first year’s fees would be $3770.00. This includes the initial $250.00 fee, $1600.00 when the blood is received at the bank and $1920.00 for twenty years of storage. By prepaying, approximately $580.00 is saved.

NECBB Accreditations

The New England Cord Blood Bank is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company is also accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB.) With its head office in Boston, Massachusetts, the New England Cord Blood Bank has sixteen international locations.

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