Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

PacifiCord Blood Banking Review

Southern California’s Pacificord Blood Banking Service and Pricing

PacifiCord, a HealthBanks Biotech company serving Southern California, has been in operation for over 20 years with a focus on stem cell therapy and pharmaceuticals. To date they have currently conducted over 60,000 cord blood procedures.

A primary service that they focus on providing is newborn umbilical cord blood stem cell banking. The decision to bank your newborn’s cord blood must be made before the birth happens so everything can be prepared for ahead of time. Many parents who have decided to utilize the service, as identified in PacifiCord Blood Banking reviews, are satisfied that they have decided to utilize it.

Stem cells can be utilized in a number of ways to help treat diseases and other illnesses such as, but not limited to, sickle cell disease, metabolic disorders and leukemia. It’s highly likely that the potential of stem cells to treat cancer or other illnesses in the future will increase due to the ongoing clinical trials and research. The cells are stored for use in the future if an event arises where they may be useful.

Costs, which are noted in Pacificord reviews that are currently available, note that the first year of banking costs $2,300. This covers the cost for the first year of storage and the collection kit. Each year after the first costs only $150 and financing options are available to help assist with the costs. The blood is stored in liquid nitrogen instead of vapor to sustain their longevity and make them accessible with no expiration date.

PacifiCord is registered and licensed by the California Department of Health and with the FDA. These both ensure that the institution follows the AABB standards that are required for cell therapy. PacifiCord also follows the California Code of Regulations and Business and Professional Code.

Stem cells can also be useful to test out vaccines that are developed and administered to prevent an individual from contracting a disease. They also utilize these stem cells in research as they attempt to expand their usage and capabilities.

We all hope to never need our baby’s cord blood, but if the need may arise, banking with a reputable company like Pacificord is a great solution.

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    This can even be a viable option for obtaining
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    process, called Cord – Advantage (available later this year), which.

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