Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Stork Medical Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Stork Medical Newborn Cord Blood Processing & Storage

Stork Medical’s laboratories are located in Allendale, New Jersey and in Orlando, Florida. They are fully credentialed and have experience in over 250 cord blood transplants thus far. According to parents who have used Stork Medical Cord Blood Banking reviews are positive, even for transplants occurring after long term storage. Their team works directly with your physician to coordinate the correct collection procedure and they pay your doctor directly.

Stork Medical has over 18 years experience as a cord blood stem cell facility at their Florida lab with a current client count of over 200,000 and over 50 successful transplants. Their New Jersey lab has over 50 years experience as a blood center and over 190 successful transplants.

They provide storage of your baby’s cord blood, do standard cord blood testing and standard maternal blood testing. Stork uses heparin free bags for storage, utilizing separate compartments to isolate a small amount which is used for testing upon arrival at the lab.

The cost for Stork Medical cord blood banking is $1700. Stork Medical’s fee is an all inclusive cost if paid in full prior to the time of delivery. This fee includes all administrative costs and the following:

– Pick up from labor room
– Laboratory transplants
– Stem cell retrieval
– Overnight Transport
– Full physician fee is included

The first year’s storage fee of $108 is included in the initial cost, with an annual storage fee of $108 being due each year thereafter. Several additional options are available to families who prefer a payment option.

Both of the Stork Medical laboratories are members of the AABB (the American Association of Blood Banks). Their Allendale facility also belongs to the National Marrow Donor Program, the American Association of Tissue Banks and the Society of Cryobiology. Their Orlando lab is FDA registered.

Military families appear to be important to the team at Stork Medical Cord Blood Banking Reviews from several military members can be found on their website. Their price list suggests a discounted fee is made available to military personnel.

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  1. Sandy Ellingson says:

    I believe that stem cells and cord blood banking is one of the biggest opportunities for medical advancement we currently have. I highly recommend storing your babies cord blood and I think that Stork Medical is the best company to work with.

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