Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

ViaCord Reviews – Cord Blood & Tissue Banking

ViaCord Customer Experience, Pricing, Review, and Process

ViaCord, from PerkinElmer, is a Cord Blood Banking company that offers parents the opportunity to store stem cells that may help their children throughout their lives. With their secure banking process and easy-to-reach staff, ViaCord ensures that blood cells or tissue cells are available when needed. Their infusion success rate is high, which prompts many families to store cord blood with ViaCord.

ViaCord is one of the leading cord blood blanks in the country. By using advanced technology, ViaCord helps protect children and their families from future health problems. In addition to banking cord blood, they offer storage for cord tissue cells. ViaCord even has a transplant program that allows blood cells to be donated to siblings under certain medical conditions. They also provide newborn screenings that give valuable insight to any possible health issues that may arise in the future.

Our Real Life Experience Using ViaCord

Our first experience with ViaCord began in late 2008 with the impending birth of our first child.  After hearing about the potential lifesaving benefits of cord blood, my wife and I decided we need to find a reliable company to entrust with our family’s cord blood storage.

After reading various reviews online and speaking with our OBGYN, we found that ViaCord would provide us with the quality and reliability we were looking for.  Our first ‘round’ with ViaCord was a great experience and we knew if we were going to have a second child that we would definitely use ViaCord again.  Fast forward to January 2012, our second child is due in only a couple of weeks…

The ViaCord Process, Step-by-Step, from a customer’s perspective:

It had been over three years since we last worked with ViaCord, so needless to say, our memory of the process was a little foggy.  That changed quickly as our initial conversation with our ViaCord specialist refreshed our memories of the process at hand.  Our Specialist was polite, easy to talk to, knowledgable, and patient with our questions.

After discussing some basic information about ourselves (they had most of our info from last time) the discussion turned to pricing and banking options.  ViaCord’s pricing is on par with most of their competitors.  We were able to obtain a discount coupon from our Doctor which gave us $500 off our total pricing.  This brought our total for the first year of cord blood banking to $1,750.  This is by no means is a small investment, but one we felt is well worth it.  The cost included the initial collection, processing, medical courier, and one year of storage.

One of the great benefits of banking with ViaCord is the many payment options they offer.  You can choose to pay all fees upfront, over 6 months, 12 months, or up to 48 months.  This makes the initial costs much easier to handle and they don’t require a credit check for plans up to 12 months.  Once your initial costs are paid for there are annual storage fees in the amount of $125 – $275 depending on the storage options you select.

Our hope is that we never need to use the cord blood, but it is reassuring to know that it is there should the need ever arise.

ViaCord Collection Practices

ViaCord collects cord blood in heparin-free bags that have been approved by the FDA. These specially designed bags increase the amount of cord blood that can be stored while protecting it from contamination. The blood and tissue cells are cryopreserved so that they are ready to use as soon as they are needed.

The storage facility is located near Cincinnati, Ohio and is therefore not in danger of damage from severe weather. Its proximity to an international airport makes transporting cord blood even safer and more reliable. The centralized location ensures that blood cells can be brought in or taken out of the facility quickly.

ViaCord reviews indicate that people are very happy with their decision to use Viacord Blood Banking. Many families are attracted to the stability of the company as well as the safe storage location. They also chose ViaCord because of the company’s secure collection and processing procedures. Detailed information about the company and its collection and storage process can be obtained at

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5 thoughts on “ViaCord Reviews – Cord Blood & Tissue Banking”

  1. We have used ViaCord for our daughter and now our soon-to-be son. Can't speak highly enough about ViaCord and their customer service. Here's to hoping we never need to use it, but glad we have it if we ever need it.

  2. Jason Matthew says:

    We used ViaCord for our first child but ended up using Genecord ( for our second. Be sure to do your diligence! ViaCord is a good company that has been in the business for a while. They are much more expensive than many other competitors. We found Genecord to rival ViaCord in all areas, especially price! For $2,595 we were able to to store our son’s cord blood for 20 years (kit, processing, shipping, and storage all included). We’re not so thrilled we still have to pay annual fees with ViaCord.

  3. Sara says:

    Hey everyone, thanks so much for this informative website. It’s so important for people to share their experiences with blood cord banking, since it’s something everyone might be able to use at some point. To that end, I wanted to share my equally positive experience with Genecord – they were wonderful and fairly priced… Thank you again, Sara

  4. Julianna Meshman says:

    Hey Sara, we used Genecord too! Are you using their iphone app? It’s amazing!

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