Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Cord Blood Banking Reviews

Xytex Cryo International Cord Blood Bank Review

Xytex Cryo Cord Blood Banking Process and Pricing Reviewed

Xytex Cryo International Cord Blood Bank is located in Augusta, Georgia. They have been in the cryo-preservation and storage industry for over 35 years. Founded by cryobiologist, Armand Karow, it is among the world’s largest cryo-banking facilities. They are FDA registered and an Accredited Business through the Better Business Bureau. Xytex Cord Blood Reviews by current clients are featured on their website.

How Does The Collection Process Work?

Upon enrollment, Xytex Cord Blood reviews all necessary paperwork and then sends a collection kit to their client. It is the client’s responsibility to notify their doctor or midwife of their choice to preserve their baby’s cord blood. Collection kits include instructions for collection of cord blood by the patient’s medical professional.

Upon the birth of your new child, it is the clients (or their designated person) responsibility to contact Xytex by phone alerting them of the need for pickup and transport of the cord blood sample to their Georgia labs. Once there, the blood is processed, tested and prepared for storage. The blood is checked for bacterial contamination and for infectious diseases. A maternal blood sample is also tested for infectious diseases. After processing, cord blood samples are stored in sterile bags with three small separate compartments. These separate compartments allow for testing of a small sample in the event the cord blood is requested to be considered for transplantation purposes.

Cord Blood Collection, Transportation, and Storage Fees

Fees of $1875 include the collection kit, transport by courier or a commercial carrier, processing and testing of cord blood and the first year fee for storage in their cryo-preservation unit. Annual storage fees are due and payable each year thereafter. Discounts for services are available including an offering of $3575 for multiple births. Another plan is available at $3305 which allows potential clients to lock in their storage fees for the first 18 years by paying those fees in advance. A payment option breaking the total fee into two equal payments is readily available and other payment options may be available. Credit approval may be necessary. A gifting program is also made available through Xytex, for grandparents or others wishing to give the gift of cord blood processing and storage to future generations.

Xytex Cord Blood Bank uses the vapor above liquid nitrogen storage method.

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